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What is Web Hosting?

          Web Hosting sometimes we can call many types of hosting such as hosting, web hosting, host, but all have the same meaning. Is a form of service that allows users to use. Web pages can be accessed online on the Internet. This web host is also called 'HSP'. It stands for Hosting Service Provider or Hosting Provider. It is a business that brings the technology needed to build a website. The purpose is to make the website visible on the internet. All online sites on the internet must be deposited. The server is a 24-hour, web-based interface that allows your website to be accessed from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. Simple Just type your site name. Or domain name. For example, http://www.datatan.net. Web hosting providers will install all the systems for you. When someone types in your Web address, the name is sent along the path from one computer to another. Until you find the web server you have hosted (Host Computer) in just seconds. So getting your website online on the internet. The first thing you need to have is Web server However, installing your own web server can be done. But the costs are quite high and it is necessary to have technical experts to care for them so most companies will not invest in their own. And this is the source of the web hosting service. A good web hosting service must provide both a tool of convenience and advice to the user. To be able to maintain and edit their own website. Hosting providers will charge you for the rental. The service area. The site is used for storing the website you want to present. Including email Database System Details about visitor statistics, etc. Most web hosting services have one advantage that can be provided. Outsourced Service is a service that users do not have to deal with any web server. The service provider will perform and be responsible for all. Since the installation. Until you maintain the system. The best web hosting service will require a user-friendly system. And users do not have to feel chaotic about the function of the spoon system. To make it easy to publish and present your work, it is important to maintain an excellent Security System.          

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