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Life Cycle of a Typical .TH ccTLD Domain Name

The life cycle of .TH and .Thai domain names can be divided into 6 phases as follows:

Part 1. Available Name or domain name is empty.
While the name is empty, the name has not yet been registered as a domain name. (Also known as an empty domain name range), the user can therefore choose an empty name to submit a domain name registration request in the system. 

Period 2. Registered Period or registration period.
The domain name is already registered in the Domain Name System (DNS) so that no one else can register a duplicate of this domain name. This period will have a period equal to the number of years of the domain name that you have registered or renewed. Domain name registration or renewal can be done at a time for a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 10 years. In this period, the user can renew the domain name at any time. The time which should be taken in advance of the expiration date. to prevent the domain name from expiring. (Expired) During this phase, the domain name is Active in the WHOIS database, starting from the date the domain name was registered until the expiration date if the domain name is renewed during this phase. In order to maintain the domain name's status as Active at all times, it will allow you to continue to use the domain name.

Period 3. Renewal Grace Period 5 days or grace period to renew 5 days.
If the domain name is not renewed by the subsequent expiration date, the domain name must be expired. Expired and the domain name's lifecycle enters a renewal grace period of 5 days from the expiration date onwards. During this phase, the domain name is automatically renewed. (Auto-Renew) temporarily to allow the service user to renew the domain name while still being able to use the domain name continuously.

Period 4. Hold Period 25 days or 25 days hold period. 
If the domain name expires after the Renewal Grace Period and has not been renewed by the grace period at the following day, Registrar will suspend the domain name for 25 days (Registrar Hold). temporarily available Because the domain name is removed from the Zone File of the Domain Name System (DNS), resulting in the user being unable to access the website or unable to use the email service normally, etc. The domain name administrator can un-hold on their own in the domain name management system at no cost, but must renew the domain name immediately before the end of this period once the renewal is complete. The domain name will be Active and functioning normally.

Period 5. Redemption Grace Period 30 days or 30 days recovery grace period. 
If the domain name exceeds the Hold Period and has not been renewed within the grace period of the following day, Registrar will send a delete command to the registrar who maintains the domain name registration database ( Registry Operator) during this period, the Registry Operator will prepare to delete the domain name but still allow it to recover for 30 days. ) arising in addition to the renewal fee (Renewal Fee).

Period 6. Pending Deletion Period 5 days or 5 days deletion period. 
Domain names that are not restored and renewed by the time of the Redemption Grace Period will enter a permanent removal of the domain name from the Registry Database which takes 5 days during which time it will not be renewed. or can be re-registered until the domain name is released. (Released) is a blank name ready to be registered again.



  • Newly registered domain names up to 5 days old are allowed to delete and re-register at no additional cost, except for additional years of registration, i.e. misspellings or important recording errors. Re-registration must be done within 5 days from the date of the first domain name deletion, if late there will be a re-registration fee.
  • The domain name is more than 5 days old. If it is deleted and re-registered, there will be another registration fee.
  • In the event that a domain name is ordered to delete (Delete Command) before the end of the domain name life cycle normally will result in the domain name entering the Redemption Grace Period immediately for a period of 30 days, followed by a Pending Deletion Period of 5 days.