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Techniques to choose the domain name that is most suitable for your business.

            Choosing the right domain name for your business isn't easy. Because the domain name will be with your business. It becomes a name that is used throughout and is more important than most browser-based search terms. No one changes their domain name very often, right? Domain name selection is the top priority when it is to start a business. If you choose the wrong name, your business may change direction... and what should it be best to choose the right domain name and have the best impact on your business?

1. ".COM" is another popular choice.

When it's time for you to choose your domain name, you're going to have to We may see providers have a wide range of end-to-end extensions, including .COM, .NET, .ORG, .IN.TH, .CO.TH, etc., but nevertheless, we can't deny that ending with .COM is still the most formal and popular. Therefore, taking advantage of domain names that end with ".COM" is still very familiar to the masses, whether in terms of searching or calling names.

2. Try to winch the same domain name but different surnames.

Another technique to make your website more networkable and accessible to customers. After you write down the domain name ".COM", we recommend that you try to write down the same domain name but differently. Whether it's ".NET", ".CO.TH", or ".IN.TH", then forward these domains to the main ".COM" -based website. 

3. Shorten the domain name.

It is known that short and concise domain names are easier to remember than long names as kite tails. And if there are fewer letters to type, it can also affect the convenience of your customers' searches, but it's not easy to find a one-word domain name that matches your business. You might want to find other words that are relevant or match your Brand name to be mixed between a few words, which is a good range of easy-to-remember words, plus nowadays people are more likely to search on their mobile screens. Therefore, it is equally important to take into account the ease of typing in user searches.

4. Avoid using initials

Using a short name like 4U or 2U will make your domain name look unprofessional. It also makes it look hard to remember. If you can't find the concise domain name you want, and you need a longer domain name that conveys branded better, don't be afraid that customers won't remember it. Because they might take a while to remember your Brandt name, but don't use an unprofessional initials.

5. Do not give a name to look strange or ambiguous.

Try to avoid naming domains of the type that, when written together, turn into ambiguous sentences that are meaningful in different directions, and try to avoid using symbols in domain names. Examples of domain names that may mislead customers about your brand....

  • Pen Island - “” (It reads like a penis - land.)
  • IT Scrap    - “” (It becomes Its-crap instead.)
  • Experts Exchange - “” (Looks like an expert - sex - change)

As in the example above, it's important to be careful when setting up a domain name that's not ambiguous and strange.

6. Give it a brandy name that matches what you want to offer.

Branded naming may not mean naming it to look high-end luxury. Instead, it means naming a domain to match what you want to tell your customers. When a group of customers see a domain name, they should know immediately what your website serves or what the product is about. For example, "Doesn't know" whether you see the name, you have to think the same way about booking a property. Those who are interested in this service will be able to click on your website without hesitation. So don't name a domain that will confuse your customers or website visitors about what you're using.

7. Use a domain name that is easy to remember

Because your customers will be able to find your website through search engines, of course, choosing a domain name that is easier to remember. Inevitably, it will result in more customers accessing your website, so what should be the name? Usually, easy-to-remember and popular domain names are usually not too long. It has no symbols, does not use numbers, and concisely both meaning and name. Imagine comparing domain names to billboards, almost 100% of branded billboards are easier to remember. Usually receive feedback from a greater group of customers.

8. Be aware of naming that may affect copyright issues.

After you decide on the domain name you want, you can choose which domain name to use. Another thing that should be checked carefully before registering a domain is to use 'words' in domains that may affect copyright issues, including other issues with the domain name, such as:

  • Has this domain name in the past ever created a corruption that affects people's negative images?
  • Does your domain name have words that might convey many meanings?
  • Are there any special words and trademark symbols always attached?

For example, if you make a shoe sales website and name a domain with the word "Nike", brand's name is correctly registered. And don't forget to try to check the words you're not sure to check on social media. So you know how people react to the word you want to use as a domain name.

9. Make the most of keywords

In addition to naming domains, it's easy to remember. Another thing we should keep in mind is using keywords that match your service to name your domain. First, you might try the keyword list that best aligns with your business. For example, if you open a residential website, you might use the word "property", and then you might use the most consistent word in a domain name, such as, whose name represents the brand name. This also affects your website when Google ranks because domain names are consistent and have a fairly specific meaning. Make it easy to understand the customer group. That's why we recommend that you search for words that searchers often use to find those relevant to your business. And try to incorporate it into the domain name.

10. Don't forget to protect your domain security.

After you register your domain, you can add it to your domain. The second priority after naming is securing your domain name. Because each domain registration requires you to provide information like: Your real name, address, email address, or phone number, and if it is leaked, it could adversely affect your business or privacy.

So, wouldn't it be better if you could protect your sensitive data with a WHOIS service that provides the highest guarantee of privacy and security by collecting your information after registration and displaying the values provided by the team, which is a guaranteed way that no one will have access to the domain registrar's personal information? With 24/7 care, you can register your domain name with maximum security with just one click..!!