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What is an SSL Certificate?

         The SSL Certificate is an electronic security certification service. Issued or endorsed by CA (Certificate Authority). It will certify SSL (Secure Socket Layer) standards. To validate the identity of the website owner and secure the encryption and decryption of the data with the SSL mechanism via HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) protocol, unsuspecting users capture our data during transmission.

What is Domain Name?

         Domain Name meaning generally refers to the site name, blog name. The name is set up to remember and use it easily. In the browser through the user. It also includes a domain name system administrator (Domain Name System) that can resolve the IP address of the domain name immediately. It is not necessary for users to recognize or remember IP addresses that have changed. The computer that publishes the website has been nicknamed uni

What is Web Hosting?

          Web Hosting sometimes we can call many types of hosting such as hosting, web hosting, host, but all have the same meaning. Is a form of service that allows users to use. Web pages can be accessed online on the Internet. This web host is also called 'HSP'. It stands for Hosting Service Provider or Hosting Provider. It is a business that brings the technology needed to build a website. The purpose is to make the website visible on the internet. All online sites on the internet must be deposited.